How to become a Certified Monster Hunter

Posted: October 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

wrist bands for certified monster hunters

How to become a Certified Monster Hunter.

[1] You must be the first and original owner of a Monster Hunter gripper.
[1.1] If requested, you must be able to prove that you ordered the Monster Hunter from SILVIS or SILVIS’ authorized dealers.

[2] The parallel set or 20mm block set or 30mm block set is used for certification.
[2.1] Any sets wider than the parallel set is also allowed.
[2.2] Only Monster Setting Block can be used for the block sets (20mm or 30mm).
[2.3] Only your non-gripping hand is allowed to set the gripper.

[3] The only substance allowed on the hands and the handles of the Monster Hunter is chalk (magnesium carbonate).

[4] The handles must touch.
[4.1] A click sound helps you prove the close.

[5] On the video;
[5.1] The (number of) stars at the bottom of the handles must be seen clearly.
[5.2] Your face must be seen clearly – at least once – to prove your identity.
[5.3] The gripper must be visible during the whole attempt.
[5.4] The closing moment must be seen clearly.

[6] To be certified;
[6.1] You must send the unedited video to
[6.2] The result will be given in 72 hours or 3 business days.

[7] If certified;
[7.1] Basic profile information will be requested.
[7.2] A wrist band(s) corresponding to your certification(s) will be sent.
[7.3] The video will be uploaded on the SILVIS website.
[7.4] Your name will be listed on the Certified Monster Hunters at the SILVIS website.


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