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[English] Assist-a-Grip is a firmly hinged; hand held, tough plastic, personal weight-equipment accessory.  Measuring about 4 inches long and 8 inches in diameter, Assist-a-Grip is designed to fit comfortably in the palm of each hand.  The designed heel-pad enhances leverage and ease in weight resistance.

Assist-a-Grip is designed with 3 self-adjusting circumferences to fit safely and snuggly on most weight equipment.  With a snap / click it’s secured onto made eights and weight training equipment.

Assist-a-Grip attaches securely to most weight equipment, from dumbbells and barbells to all types of gym equipment.  Assist-a-Grip reduces “grip fatigue” from clenched, tight fisted gripping because of its open-grip technology design.  Open grip means 30% POWER TRANSFER to intended, targeted muscle groups.

The Assist-a-Grip may help those who suffer from:

  • arthritis
  • paralysis
  • other physical limits

The Assist-a-Grip can be used for:

  • crutches
  • walkers
  • handles
  • tools
  • household and gardening equipment
  • handlebars

The Assist-A-Grip is being used effectively:

  • Physicians & Therapists
  • Sports Medicine
  • Preventative and post OP of Carpal Tunnel
  • Occupational, Physical Therapy
  • Strength Conditioning
  • Personal Training
  • Home Fitness
  • Home Medical devices
  • Kitchen household
  • gardening and lawn care
  • childcare
  • tool bench
  • sporting goods
  • Assisted Living facilities
  • Senior Communities
  • weights
  • stationary machines
  • pulleys
  • stretch bands
  • jump ropes

[English] Pythongrip (a grip & armwrestling specialized company in Israel) has recently launched a few good-looking products – check out their new products @

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[Korean] 실비스의 첫번째 클라이밍 전문 훈련용품, G-스트링!

G-Strings 제품에 대한 권한은 SICgrips, LLC에 있으며, 한국내 총판 및 딜러모집 권한은 실비스(에 있습니다.

Photo Courtesy of Han-Sung Shin

Photo Courtesy of Han-Sung Shin

[English] My friend Han-Sung Shin, who is serving in the army, built this side pressure machine preparing the battle of the arms (supermatches) #4 in April.

[English] According to

Black Steel Armwrestling Conic Revolving Handle tool is very good for setting up in armwrestling position and then curling them into flexion. Switch the handle around and it hits the fingers and wrists at different angle. Supination / Pronation movement unbelievable strength! Great for top rollers or hook pullers!

[English] US Armwrestler Josh Dale’s comparison review on Manus Grip, Fat Gripz, and Grip40rce.

Photo Courtesy of Cody Hadley

Photo Courtesy of Cody Hadley

[English] US armwrestlers Eric Wolfe (World Armwrestling Champion) and Cody Hadley (pro class armwrestler) are training with the Manus Grip. Wish them the best in armwrestling!