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[English] So, who’s greater? ;-)


[English] US Armwrestler Josh Dale’s comparison review on Manus Grip, Fat Gripz, and Grip40rce.

[English] Cody Hadley (pro-class armwrestler from U.S.A) vs Korean Armwrestlers. This event was hosted by MANUS Enterprises and

[English] Manus Grip and Animal Hunter hand grippers review by James Retarides.
James Retarides is known as an armwrestling professor and one of the most respectable armwrestlers in America.

[English] I highly appreciate this review on Manus Grip since he did it related to Armwrestling!

[English] Ji-Seung Hong is training with Manus Grip for SBS TV Show “Masters: episode-armwrestling master” (Sponsored by MANUS Enterprises)

[Korean] SBS 생활의 달인 – 팔씨름의 달인 편에 나온 홍지승 선수의 훈련영상입니다. 홍지승 선수 프로필 보러가기 (클릭!)