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[English] US Armwrestler Josh Dale’s comparison review on Manus Grip, Fat Gripz, and Grip40rce.


[English] Wes Inman, a well-known nail bender, closes Animal Hunter “King Kong” in TNS without much struggle! Now he needs King Kong’s wife or even King Kong’s ex-wife! :-)

[English] Animal Hunter King Kong (2nd generation) TNS both hands! Great job!

[English] Congrats to the S8 bender and King Kong closer!

[English] Gorilla 24 TNS reps performed by Jae-Won Sim, a.k.a Gripwrestler (Gripster + Armwrestler).
Who can top him?

[English] Arm and Shoulder workout with Manus Grip – the most advanced version of thick bar adapter!!!