Animal Hunter


According to Manus Enterprises (@ &

Product Features

1. The dog leg side is easily recognizable: the handle without colored band is the dog leg side (thus palm side).

2. EU approved (RoHS) “Trivalent Chromium Plating” springs: trivalent chromium is intrinsically less toxic than hexavalent chromium – and more expensive, too!

3. Beautiful laser engravings on both handles. (Monkey, Chimpanzee, Orangutan…)

4. Neat and practical plastic case packaging: All-in-One gripper setting card can be cut and used from the case.

5. Each level can be easily distinguished by both the colored band and the laser engraving.

  • Yellow band: Monkey
  • Green band: Chimpanzee
  • Brown band: Orangutan
  • Gray band: Gorilla
  • Red band: King Kong

6. Each handle is wrapped with heat shrinkable vinyl to protect Animal Hunter’s Olympic grade knurling.

* What do we mean by the “Olympic Grade Knurling?”
– The knurling applied on Animal Hunter is chosen by the Olympic/National squad.

  1. Jody Williams says:

    What’s the equivalent of your grippers at 167lbs?

  2. Ron Pace says:

    Hi, any idea where I can buy a full set of Manus Animal Hunter grippers?

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