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The Atomgripz™ hand gripper range has been specially developed to build huge crushing strength and increased forearm size.

Huge forearms and winning handshake are only the tip of the iceberg.Look into what can be achieved with a vice like grip and sleeve filling forearms and you’ll find that Atomgripz can benefit all.

Regular training with Atomgripz hand grippers can add an advantage to the following sports where grip strength can be the difference between winning or taking second place:

– Bodybuilding
– Power lifting
– Climbing – Racket sports -Tennis,Squash, Badminton.
– Combat sports – Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, Boxing.
– Golf
– Cricket
– Arm Wrestling
– Gymnastics
– Shooting
– Motor Sports

Increased grip strength also has a carryover for occupations such as, Law Enforcement, Military, Construction, Security work or even DIY.

Atomgripz grippers make it surprising easy for gains to be made fast, with notable results from as little as three weekstraining. Following our simple training guide, you will find a routine that’s customised to your needs and will deliver effective results….FAST.

All Atomgripz hand grippers carry a unique banding system located at the top of each handle to denote the strength of the gripper, the more bands you see, the harder the gripper becomes to close. The strength of each gripper band was carefully researched, the results were used to assist our product development and we are now able to offer a great selection that will introduce newcomers to grip a comfortable start to grip training, or the worlds strongest grip athletes a very firm challenge.

Hand made in England from aerospace grade Aluminium and high grade spring Steel, Atomgripz not only offer a tough long lasting product but also top end looking piece of exercise equipment.

  1. Jody Williams says:

    What’s the equivalent of your grippers at 167lbs?

  2. Roman says:

    Where can I Buy them?

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