Gillingham HP

Photo Courtesy of GripperSuperstore

According to Gillingham Enterprises, LLC. (@

Heavy Duty Hand Gripper from Gillingham High Performance. GHP redesigned the hand gripper from the ground up using modern computer aided drafting (CAD) programs and computer numerical control (CNC) manufacturing equipment. Assembly is done in small batches with strict quality control to ensure consistency within levels and between levels. All this plus years of grip training experience from the founder of Gillingham High Performance, Wade Gillingham, make GHP grippers the top brand sold by Gripper Superstore and an experience like no other.

• Variable knurl depth – aggressive on the palm side, less aggressive on the finger side.

• Virtually indestructible dome label on the handle ends give GHP grippers a unique look and make gripper identification a snap whether open or closed!

• SmartMark™ grooves on the handles indicate where to put the gripper in your palm and where to place your fingers. Move your fingers up the handle to make the gripper more challenging.

• Radius edges give GHP grippers a streamlined look and don’t beat up your pinky like the industry standard chamfered end.

• High carbon content Oil Tempered springs are polished for appearance and lubricated with a high tech odorless, colorless synthetic lubricant.


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