Python Grip

Photo Courtesy of Python Grip

According to Python Grip (@

Python Grip grippers are dedicated for professionals, because every gripper calibrated by RGC scale.

Why to choose us?

1. Python Grip grippers are excellent quality, black anodized aluminum handles, aggressive knurling and high durability carbon steel spring, spring has special black or silver coating for high protection against rust.

2. Every Python gripper is calibrated by RGC scale individualy, for Your comfortability You can use RGC Calculator, it easily helps You calculate COC ratings and Pyhon Grip gripper model.

3. Seasoning – before the gripper is being calibrated we close the gripper minimum 20 reps with vice, so the gripper is not going down.

4. Personal Python grippers – we can manufacture gripper with Your name on the handle.

5. We can manufacture gripper with Your personal resistance ( RGC )

6. We have a whole line of left hand grippers

7. Aggressive knurling makes gripper stable in the hand without moving.

8. Python Gripper Certification – certification rules for parallel or TNS set click here!

9. Calibrated Python Gripper for groups with a special laser print on the handle.

10. Python Grippers with smooth handles, makes this gripper much harder, than standard gripper in this range/level!

11. Python Grippers with double resistance.

  1. Allen Wilson says:

    Enjoyed you site. Great fan of the gripper community.

    Allen Wilson

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