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My Name is Robert Baraban and i live in a small town in Austria which is called Traun. I am a certified Captain of Crush, which means that i have successfully closed an Iron Minds No.3 Gripper, rated at 280lbs in 1997.

I love strength training , especially Grip-training and manufacturing Grip-equipment. I have started my Business in early 2003 with a new Line of Handgrippers which are a little bit different from the Norm. All the Handgrippers and Grip-testers are Hand made with care by myself under very strict quality control. You can look all over the World and never find someone who can provide you with a larger line of Handgrippers than i can .

Every customer can have his Handgrippers custom-engraved with his Name or whatever he decided and choose the Handlematerial and Spring to his needs .This service is absolut unique in the World. If you ever have a special wish, questions or comments , i will be happy to hear from you!

Yours in Strength


  1. Minoru Ohuchi says:

    I am interested in you hand grip products. How can I buy them? On Net? I live in Tokyo, Japan. Is there any shops that display them for me to see ?

  2. jeroen hop says:

    The best grippers of all
    I have 160 180 210 240 300 330
    I can grip almost 240
    Only they are not for sale in Holland

    (Sorry for my english)

  3. Stan Pike says:

    Hi robert, still squeezing them out? Hope you are doing well. Stan pike

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