Vulcan DeathGrip

Photo Courtesy of DeathGrip Brand

According to the DeathGrip Brand (@

The Vulcan DeathGrip is a fully licensed modification of David Horne’s Vulcan Gripper made in the UK. I contacted David about creating a US made version of the gripper and he was very open to the idea and was great to work with. David is a top notch Grip athlete as well as manufacturer and promoter of the sport. I could not have been happier working with him. We took the Vulcan concept and changed it to a scissor style gripper allowing us to machine the gripper out of two blanks of aircraft grade aluminum. We cut the forms on a CnC lathe, then hand finished the fine work and the knurl on the black palm side handle. Then Anodized to protect the gripper and give an out of this world look to match it’s form and function.

The gripper Features

• Vertical Knurl on the palm side (black) handle to work to hold the palm side steady.

• No knurl on the finger side (green) allowing the fingers to slide over the handle during crushdown.

• Pin holes drilled into the body to allow both a Credit Card Set and a Mash Monster Parallel Set with out the use of choker washers.

• 21 levels of difficulty with the standard “Mighty” DeathGrip spring, an infinite number of setting with other springs or bands (not included) to provide minute increases in difficulty.

• The inside of the handles are squared to better view a true close.

  1. When will the new Vulcan death grip be available for purchase.

    • armwrestler says:

      Hello, Carlton

      I’m not sure if this company is still manufacturing Vulcan Deathgrip. As far as I know of, the owner of Deathgrip brand stopped making these after the first batch.

  2. Carlton windle says:

    Ok, thank you. Carlton windle

  3. dubthewonderscot says:

    I actually have about 6 of these unfinished sitting in my garage. They simply took too long to make by hand cost effectively. I miss working on this stuff. I got a new job that takes way more of my time and had two more kids….and this left a lot less time to make fun toys.

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