Vulcan Hand Gripper

Photo Courtesy of David Horne

vulcan hand gripper by David Horne

According to David Horne (@

The Vulcan hand gripper is a fantastic new training device that is designed to allow your gripper crushing prowess to progress slowly and steadily from strength to strength without having to buy more and more grippers – it will take you from the lightest rehab training right up to the heaviest gripper close all in one package! The lightest setting is easier than the Trainer and the heaviest is harder than the equivalent of a #4. Adjustable nutcracker-style gripper with smooth action (no skew) solid steel handles and numerous settings (11 notches each side – see picture). The new laser-cut model (V2) has now been introduced (July 2011). These are beautifully made with a very smooth action and are powder coated for a durable finish.

  1. Tyler says:

    Where can I purchase these?

  2. Jody Williams says:

    Where can I purchase this vulcan gripper and how does it cost?

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